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If you haven't already heard of us Indigo Gallery was started 15 years ago by Omer Tosun combining 28 Years of Experience and motivated by love of carpets, we have developed an International Reputation as specialists of the finest Quality new and antique hand made carpets and kilims.

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A variety of private individuals, from first time buyers to carpet collectors and wholesale dealers from all around the world. They regularly visit as at Indigo Gallery with the knowledge that our expertise has always been the keynote to our success.

We assist all our customers to understand that carpet and kilim weaving is an ancient skill that forms an integral part of traditional nomadic and village life.
Many carpets and kilims were designed directly from memory, using traditional materials, colors and motifs. Characteristic of the region. Each carpet and kilim is a direct expression of the unique individual skill and artistry of the weaver.

We have always preferred to spend quality time with our customers in Goreme, Assisting them with information and advice on their individual purchases.


However with so many of you unable to venture regularly to Turkey we have launched a comprehensive Selection Catalogue on the internet for your convenience. This collection is a representative sample of the quality range of carpets and kilims available for you at Indigo Gallery. We are always happy to help if you have a more specific requirement or need personalised assistance. For a more detailed introduction to this fascinating and unique art form please look through the menu provided or E-mail us directly.



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